My Account:-

1.How to register?

The registration is a very simple process. All you need is your phone number and an email id. You can also login using your facebook account. It will also help us remember you, when you login for the next time.

2.Is there any option to login as a guest user?

No. To enter into the cashtag application, we need to know who you are and how can we help you.

3.Why do you need to enable location?

We suggest the places to earn tags based on your location. You can manually input another location in case you want to search any restaurant, café, pubs, spa, salon or any such merchant in another area.

4.How many accounts can I Register with cashtag?

Cashtag identifies each mobile number as a unique user.

5.How can I check my transactions or my tags?

You can check your transactions history by clicking the “my transactions” button on the application.

6.How can I check my account details?

You can simply click on the menu option and access to your account details. You can also edit your account details in your profile page.


1.Where can I earn tags?

You can earn tags at those places which are listed in the Cashtag application.

2.How do I earn tags?

Visit restaurant, café, pub, spa or salon, others listed with Cashtag, pay the bill, click on the earn button, input the required details. Once this done the merchant approves the transaction and the tags are credited in your account.

3.In how much time do my tags get credited?

Your tags gets credited in your account within 48 hours of submitting your bill details. As soon as merchant approves your transaction, your tags are credited. The user has to keep a copy of the bill till the tags are credited in their account.

4.What if I don’t receive my tags / receive less tags after submitting bill details.

You may write to us at info@cashtag.co.in after 24 hours of submitting bill details.

5.Is it mandatory to give bill no. in approval page?

Yes. It is mandatory to give the bill no. if the bill no. is mentioned.

6.How do I obtain the merchant password?

When you are putting the bill details in the approval page, you need to ask the waiter of the merchant or the manager for the merchant password. They may tell you the merchant password or they may input their password themselves in your phone.

7.What do I need to do after submitting the bill details?

You just need to relax after submitting the bill details. The transaction is sent to the merchant and once the merchant approves the transaction, your tags gets credited in your account.

8.How many tags do I earn for each transaction?

All the merchant do not give same number of tags. The % of tags to be credited shall be mentioned against the merchant in our application. For example, if for Merchant A it is mentioned as 10% tags, then when I submit the bill details for Rs. 500, my account will get credited with 50 tags subject to approval by the merchant.

9.Can I earn tags on promotional schemes, discounted bills, offers or sale?

No. Tags (cashback) cannot be clubbed with any other promotional schemes, discounted bills, offers or sale. No two offers can be clubbed together. The customer needs to announce his/her intent to avail the offer before the bill is prepared.

10.If the merchant is listed and deny to enter the password?

Take the picture of the bill and mail us at info@cashtag.co.in so that we can look into the matter and credit the tags in your account


1.Where can I redeem my tags?

You can redeem your tags at all outlets listed in the Cashtag application.

2.Is it mandatory to give bill no. in the redemption page?

Yes. It is mandatory to mention the bill number in the redemption page. It makes it easier for the merchant to identify the transaction.

3.What amount should I pay to merchant after redemption is done?

The balance amount after the discount for tags used should be paid to the merchant. This amount shall be mentioned in your application. For example, if the bill is for Rs. 500 and you have 150 tags in your account, then you can use all the tags and pay only Rs. 350 to the merchant.

4.What is the minimum number of tags I need to have for redemption?

Redemption can only be done if you have a minimum of 100 tags in your account.

5.Will I get tags on redemption bills?

No. You cannot earn tags on redemption bills.

How Cashtag works:-

How to Earn Tags
1.Open the cashtag application
2.Search the outlet
3.Make transaction
4.Click on "Earn" button
5.Enter your bill details
6.The outlet will enter their password
7.Yay !! You have just earned your tags

How to Redeem Tags
1.Open the cashtag application
2.Search the outlet
3.Click on "Redeem" button
4.Enter your bill details
5.The outlet will enter their password
6.Yay !! You have just Discounted the bill by redeeming your Tags.

For any queries you may write to us at info@cashtag.co.in